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Woods and Nature Line

Sweet WoodSpyce Body/Hand Butter
This unisex scent was designed primarily for men. If you work with your hands or are on your feet all day and would like to soothe chapped, dry cracked skin this is your chance to do so naturally. This Butter is made with Sunflower Oil that is slightly heavier than Grapeseed Oil and will penetrate slower and last longer. Overtime and with consistent use this will keep your hands and feet from chaffing and cracking from overuse. This Body Butter can be used by anyone. Fir Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Pepper Black Essential Oil, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil will de-stress, calm, provide emollience to help cracked skin. To experience the best cleaning before moisturizing use GreenSpyce Hand/Body Sugar Scrub.

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Haunting Meadow Body Butter
Sweetgrass Essential Oil, Benzoin Essential Oil, Tuberose and Moss Fragrant Oil, and Jasmine Fragrant Oils amoung a host of other complimentary Essential Oils will transport you to the deep woods meadow and a fantasy world of flowers, fresh grass, and the spring.

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GreenSpyce Hand/Body Sugar Scrub
This unisex scented Sugar Scrub was created as a compliment to the
Sweet WoodSpyce Body Butter. The Sugar Scrub works to exfoliate dry chaffed skin. Containing Sunflower Oil for a truly moisturizing barrier to normal drying you can use this alone without the addtional application of a moisturizer. The scent is crisp, woodsy and spicy reminiscent of a sweet lime tree with Lime Essential Oil, Bay Essential Oil and Nutmeg Essential Oil. This is a warming scrub that will soothe tired muscles and tendons.

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Kentish Rain Bath Salt
This is a soothing yet crisp scent reminescent of the English coast line. You will be transproted to a green and lush ocean cove with waving gentling lapping the beach and the breeze bringing the scents of grasses and ozone and salt.

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