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Links to Wholesale Pricing.

Wholesale pricing pages are password protected.  If you are interested in purchasing for resale or just for your own use, keep in mind that these products are made in individual batches at the time of order.  The scent and health benefits are imparted by the use of carrier and Essential or Fragrant oils which should be used within 6 months to a year depending on proper storage.  Refrigeration will extend the shelf life on most products.

All wholesale purchases carry a minimum order requirement of no less than 16 ounces total of any one size of product for Body Butters, Foaming Sugar Scrubws, Serum, Foaming Body Butters, or Bath Salts.  For example 2 four ounce jars of scrub or 8 two ounce jars of butter.  You can combine sizes within any one product to make up the total of 16 ounces.

To obtain a password for wholesale purchasing, send a request through the
Contact Us form.

If you already have a password just click on the link below to be taken to the wholesale pricing pages.


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