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About MBA Body Essential L.L.C.


Welcome to my website!  I am glad that you wish to find the best homemade Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters at a reasonable price.

MBA Body Essential L.L.C. started in my kitchen in May 2011.  I had been looking for a hobby that I could get my heart and head around and that would be beneficial and fun to pursue.  You see I have a 6 year old wonderful daughter "My Baby Angyl - MBA", and eventually she will be 12 and any parent knows at that point I will be reduced to a bank, chaperon, and maid.  LOL!  So I needed something to occupy my time.

I do have a full time job as an Association Management Supervisor and I love my job, been at it for over 20 years and will continue until I just can't anymore.  But, my career can only take up so much of my time.  So my search for a hobby, and one that did not require a huge outlay of funds or required meetings, going somewhere and therefore a babysitter, etc.

One day, curious about what was in my Brand Name Body Polish, I read the label.  WOW! there was not much in it and I could pronounce most of it.  I looked up the rest and as you can guess chemicals of one sort or another.  Nothing dangerous but there none the less.  I wondered if I could just take those ingredients out and pick a scent I really liked and make my own for at least half the price.  Guess what?  I found I could.

It took many hours on-line and lots of experimenting and the purchase of some natural ingredients to start with and my love of baking to bring it all together.  My kitchen became my new favorite room for a new reason.  SUGAR AND BUTTER YUMMMM!  Except this was going on my skin instead of to my hips.  How wonderful is that?   And it smelled so heavenly that the dog wanted to eat it, if I am honest I even took a little taste.  Well not the same as a cupcake for sure, but it smelled that good.

Once I began using my own combinations my skin cleared up, the little bumps went away and for the first time since I was 16 I had that sinfully angelic soft and smooth skin we all secretly crave.  You see I am not young any longer, I am 47 and my skin has aged right along with the rest of me.  Not terrible but I can see my Mother's hands in my own.  You mature ladies understand what I mean.  After a month of using the Sugar Scrub and Body Butter I started with and it was amazing.  I could run my hands across any part of my skin and feel that smooth, pliable, soft skin I thought I had always deserved.  I was using a Lemon Essential Oil based scrub and butter and even the age spots and damage from years of sun bathing faded.  Did not go away completely but I no longer looked like a Dalmation!

I decided to share my secret with some friends and they were as thrilled with the results as I had been.  So I thought why not bring the ability to obtain a sinfully angelic body to others and viola!  MBA Body Essential L.L.C. was born. 

I settled on mostly citrus and uplifting scents as they are my favorite and have developed various combinations that so far everyone just loves.  I added a Peppermint, Lavender, and Vanilla for a little variety and have many more recipies with other Essential Oil combinations and Fragrant Oil combinations that give different scent signatures and benefits.  I also wanted to do Holidays with Special Limited Edition Combinations.  With Fall just around the corner I was craving all those spice scents you see at the Holidays like Cinnamon, and Clove, and Nutmeg, and Pine.

I hope this story gave you some information and chuckles about the history and birth of MBA Body Essential L.L.C. and will provide you with the assurance that each product is made in my home with love and care and fun.  Yes, my daughter helps out and even loves using the products that is how safe and gentle they are.  I don't carry large supplies of product and make very small batches at a time to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible and avoid the need for chemical preservatives.  Only a few of the products have a colorant added and all the colors are skin safe.

Please look through my site and find the product that was meant for you.  Or if you prefer, go the Custom Blend page and create your own combination.   If you don't see an ingredient you wish, just send me an e-mail and inquire.  I have done several signature combinations for friends, mostly discontinued scents from Brand Name Supplieers and have go luck finding the original scent available.  

You can reach me at

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