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Fragrant Oils

While we would love to have all of out products all natural, we do recognize that Natural does not always provide the unique scents that customers want or that we find luscious.  

Therefore, in
some of our
blends we do use Fragrant Oils.  Some Fragrant Oils are made from diluted and modified Essential Oils, others are what are called Nature Identical, meaning it comes from Nature but not solely.  Finally there are those that are totally synthetic. 

All of the Fragrant Oils that we use are approved for use on the body and are used only for the scent that they provide.

APPLE (pyrus malus) MAGICKAL USES:   business success, friendship, happiness, love, peace, relaxation.  The tart sweet smell of apples can not be obtained from the fruit so a frangrant oil is used.  

 CHAMPAGNE Perfect for that special occasion. This fragrance smells just like champagne or the fizzy bubbles in ginger ale. The scent is incredibly strong and long lasting in CP soap and behaves like a dream when soaping. It's a unique and versatile scent that can be blended to make all manner of Italian iced soda scents or general pop scents (mix it with a berry for a yummy soda pop scent).


CHOCOLATE Perfect for that special occasion. This fragrance smells just like champagne or the fizzy bubbles in ginger ale. The scent is incredibly strong and long lasting in CP soap and behaves like a dream when soaping. It's a unique and versatile scent that can be blended to make all manner of Italian iced soda scents or general pop scents (mix it with a berry for a yummy soda pop scent).

This is an incredibly realistic Cranberry. It's not sweet and is very tart - like biting into an actual Cranberry.This scent is not light and fruity so we do recommend trying out the smallest .06 oz. size and soaping with it before purchasing any larger amounts. If you're looking for a more fruity Cranberry, try our Cranberry, Sweet.

CREAM CHEESE FROSTING This fragrance will discolor all manner of soaps and toiletries brown because it relies heavily on Madagascar Vanilla notes (which naturally browns). Other sugar loving notes in this fragrance are freshly churned butter, buttercream, cream cheese and an intriguing finish note of butterscotch for a warm and smooth after-note.

EARTH MUSK Originally named 'White Musk' because it does not discolor, this deep, hearty scent is comprised mainly of Amber and Vetivert. Use it alone for a earthy musk scent or as a base note in your blends.

FRESH BAMBOO Aromatic Notes: Bamboo, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Wild Grass
Compare our fragrance to Slatkin Fresh Bamboo 
Overtime, fragrance oils that contain vanilla will change color. The color change can take days, weeks, or months and can vary from a light ivory to dark brown.

This fragrance is designed to mimic the feeling of peace and tranquility after a fresh snowfall. It is a very ozone-y fragrance, reminiscent of clean laundry or fresh cotton. The actual notes however are intriguing; this fragrance has a crisp heliotrope top with supporting notes of spring water, juniper berry, vetiver and sandalwood.

GINGERSNAP This is the quintessential holiday fragrance. Our Gingersnap has some additional spice notes to give it that extra spark of Caraway Seed, Cinnamon, Cardamom with Vanilla to warm up and compliment the spices. This fragrance will discolor to a dark brown


JASMINE (3% TO 20% DILUTION IN JOJOBA OIL) (jasminum grandiflorum) FRAGRANCE: exotic, floral, rich, sweet. BLENDS: bergamot, cardamom, chamomile, clary sage, galbanum, geranium, lemongrass, neroli, orange, rose, sandalwood, spearmint, vetiver. AROMATIC BENEFITS: aphrodisiac, anxiety, balancing, euphoric, hypnotic, nervous tension, relaxing, soothing, warming. MAGICKAL USES: astral projection, attraction, love, meditation, peace, psychic awareness, psychic dreams, sleep, sex, spirituality, vivid dreams. PHYSICAL USES: antidepressant, antiinflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, catarrh, coughs, cramping, dry skin, dysmenorrhea, emollient, lethargy, menopause, mild analgesic, normal skin, oily skin, PMS symptoms, sedative, skin conditioner

Kentish Rain ( Design Your Own Fragrance Oil Winner): Rainy, salty mist green notes made up of basil, green leaf and ozone notes with added notes of muguet lily, rose and jasmine bring out the touch of violet in the blend for sweetness. Our perfumer added bottom notes of Sandalwood and tonka to round out the earthy, coast like feel. 221º Flashpoint. Accelerates trace slightly.
"This fragrance reminds me of my home county on the English coast...rainy, salty mist and very green.".... Alison, Design Your Own Fragrance Winner.

LILY OF THE VALLEY (convallaria magalis) AROMATIC BENEFITS: memory loss. MAGICKAL USES: conscious mind (stimulates), happiness, peace. The scent of Lily of the valley is pure, sweet, intensely floral: This is the best Lily of the Valley we have smelled! Very true to the flower and best of all it behaves beautifully in cold process soaping. No discoloration. Absolutely divine in lotions, creams and even candles. 


MUSK     MAGICKAL USES: attraction, base chakra, courage, divination, love, prosperity, psychic energy, purification


ORANGE PEEL We tested a lot of orange fragrances before we found one that met our standards. Sweet juicy orange with the zest of the peel. Sticks in CP soap with just the slightest off white discoloration. NOTE: This low-flashpoint oil

PUMPKIN PIE This one is a seasonal favorite. Fresh pumpkin pie scent so good you'll swear your grandmother baked it. Very strong scent throw in wax candles.

PUMPKIN SPICE Pumpkin Spice: Back by popular demand, this is our original Pumpkin Spice. Dark, creamy and rich, with notes of Cinnamon, Cardamom and Nutmeg, this is the quintessential fall fragrance. Discolors to dark brown; not safe for gel candles.

 ROSE (3% OR 10% DILUTION IN JOJOBA OIL) (Bulgar, Damask, Maroc) BOTANICAL NAME: rosa centrifolia, rosa damascena. FRAGRANCE: floral, honey-like, intense, sweeT. BLENDS: ambrette, bergamot, cardamom, clove, fennel, galbanum, geranium, ginger, jasmine, lemon, mandarin, neroli, patchouli, pepper, sandalwood, tangerine, vetiver, ylang ylang. AROMATIC BENEFITS: aphrodisiac, balancing, calming, cheering, cooling, hypnotic, memory loss, nervous tension, relaxing, stress, uplifting. MAGICKAL USES: beauty, blessing, fertility, health (maintain), love, peace, sex, unhexing. PHYSICAL USES: acne, Alzheimer's disease, antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, arthritis, astringent, black eyes, bleeding, blepharitis, chapped lips, chapped skin, circulatory stimulant, cirrhosis of liver, colds, convalescence, cuts, drug withdrawal, dry skin, emmenagogue, endometriosis, fainting, female infertility, hair loss, headaches, insomnia, menopause, muscular dystrophy, normal skin, PMS symptoms, raises blood pressure, Raynaud's disease, sedative, shock, synovitis, wounds, wrinkles.

RUM NUT CAKE Traditionally, Rum Nut Cakes are given for gifts over the holidays. These scrumptious, dense cakes are also used as the wedding cake on the island of Jamaica. Our fragrance oil contains the traditional notes of sugar, spice notes, orange peel, egg, a bit of almond, and of course, the very important Rum note. Because of the sugar (Vanilla) notes in this blend, it does discolor. NOTE: This medium-flashpoint oil (174ºF)

SPELLBOUND WOODS Spellbound Woods: Talk about a wonderfully sexy scent- this is it! Spellbound Woods is a blend of Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood and the barest hint of light floral on the dry down. Everyone who tested this FO just fell in love with it. Try some today and let your customers be Spellbound. Flash point: 200°F. Does discolor to brown.

SPICED MAHOGANY This deep, rich woody scent has notes of Italian Bergamot, Apple Wood and Tonka Bean to round out the darker, more sensuous Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Oakmoss. To keep this fragrance from smelling like a freshly cut wood floor, we've added spices of Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon and allspice. Because of the Vanilla, this fragrance will discolor your soap but the resulting fragrance is one of sophistication and verve. Flashpoint 200ºF+

SUN RIPENED RASPBERRY This is a basic raspberry with a "ripe" note to it - like a berry that is just ready to fall off the vine into your hand. This FO moves quick in CP soap, so be prepared to dash for the soap mold when traced.

 TANGERINE (citrus reticulata) FRAGRANCE: citrus, fresh, light, sweet, more candy like fragrance than orange or mandarin. BLENDS: basil, bergamot, clary sage, geranium, grapefruit, hyssop, lavender, lemon, lime, neroli, orange, rose, vanilla, verbena. AROMATIC BENEFITS: calming, cheering, relaxing, soothing, stress, uplifting. mAGICKAL USES: magickal energy, purification. PHYSICAL USES: antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, cellulite, constipation, dandruff, insomnia, laxative, muscle relaxant, oily skin, sedative Tangerine essential oil, like most of the citrus family, can be depended upon for refreshing and rejuvenating characteristics. Its aroma clears the mind and can help to eliminate emotional confusion. Aromatherapists also consider it to be very comforting, soothing and warming. Users may also see Tangerine used in perfumes, soaps, and as an antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, diuretic, sedative, stimulant (digestive and lymphatic), and tonic agent. Consistency: Light Note: Middle-Top. Strength of Aroma: Medium While we also use Tangerine Essential Oil, in some of our blends the Fragrant Oil gives a better ending.

Tuberose is a tuberous perennial Mexican herb (Polianthes tuberosa) that has glasslike leaves and is cultivated for its highly fragrant white flowers. These flowers are sweet and heady and prized by florists everywhere. Because of the solvent extraction process, tuberose absolute is generally very expensive and not easily attainable. The green Moss note in this blend adds a sophisticated foil for the honeyed tuberose. Our blend holds up admirably in cold process soap though does accelerate trace slightly.

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