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Foaming Body Butter/Soap


Foaming Body Butter is a very unique way to have your cleaning and moisturizing too.  Foaming Body Butter is a pre-made base that we use to attain a whipped parfait type cleanser that is extremely gentle.  It provides more than ample sudsing action and your skin will feel cleaner than it ever has. 

The luxurious feel of the product lends itself to overuse so be careful that you don't use too much.  It has great slip and slide action.  This can be used with only your hands or any product such as scrunchies, sponges, wash cloth.

 It is encouraged to be used with children due to it's fun nature that can encourage washing.  My 7 year old is not fond of actually washing.  She loves the bath but getting her to wash has been a challenge.  With the Foaming Body Butter she can choose a scent (discourage spices as they can be irritating to young skin) and have her personal whipped froth to use inthe bath.  Caution is advised to watch if you get this for a child as they will easily go through a whole jar in one bath. 

The product is colored as well to match the scent chosen. 

This is a great ad-on item to any gift for any season or reason or just for your own enjoyment.

If you wish a scent that is not listed, any combination is offered.  Just fill out the contact form and let us know what you want!  Contact Form

Citrus Lyght - a gentle citrus scent that will waken your senses
Available sizes

Vanilla Smoothie - true vanilla down to the color (light to dark tan).  Sweet and sinful.

Available sizes

Cherry Blossom - delicate and feminine.  Bring spring to your bath!
Available sizes

HARD SOAP (soap bars)

Our hard soaps are made from the gentlest ingredients you can find.  Our soap base is a combination of honey, milk, and shea butter bases.

Soaps are made to be used either in the bath, at the sink or in a guest bath.  They are long lasting and gentle for everyday use.  They will provide a gentle foaming cleansing action.  Depending on yur choice, there are addtional Esential Oils and other additives to give you a unique experience.

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