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Floral Line

Haunting Meadow Body Butter
Sweetgrass Essential Oil, Benzoin Essential Oil, Tuberose and Moss Fragrant Oil, and Jasmine Fragrant Oils amoung a host of other complimentary Essential Oils will transport you to the deep woods meadow and a fantasy world of flowers, fresh grass, and the spring.

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Nichole's Mystic Rose Body Butter
Rose Otto Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil is a wonderful combination. I named this scent for my daughter. It is spicy, young and womanly and will have anyone wondering just what is the scent you have on. Very attractive, unmistakable, and intriguing.

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Gardenia Bath Salt
A truly wonderful floral scent straight from the tropics. If you love flowers this one will blow you away. Sweet, fragrant, gentle, not overpowering at all. There is a hint of greens and citrus to round out the florals.

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