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Exclusive Collections


I have had the extreme pleasure and honor of designing three Exclusive Private and Luxuroius Collections for Krystle Skin. 

This has been a wonderful opportunity of me to use the best of everything and work with ingredients that I would normally not use.  I have learned many new things and created in concert with the owner of Krystle Skin, Krystle Kelley, some truly wonderful bath and body products. 

The three collections are based on Pure Lotus, Pure Rose Otto, and Monoi de Tiki Tahiti.  These products are exclusive to Krystle Skin and can only be brought through that Company.

I am very proud of our accomplishments and I hope to carry over much that I learned into my lines making them even more fabulous than they are already.  Yep ther is a little bias here!

I can however honestly encourage anyone to click on the link below and find the perfect soap or serum, scrub or oil to suit your desires.  These are truly products to desire and add to the top of your list of "wants" and "must haves".

Ann Jagitsch.

Krystle Skin

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