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Archived Products

Items on this page have been removed from the main pages to make room for new products.  These items are still available but must be custom made and make take additional time to create and ship.  Due to the need to special make these specific products the minimum order requirement is 8 ounces.

Black Lavendyr Cloud Body/Face Sugar Scrub
For those that have sensitive skin and need a lighter
scrub this one is for you. With a combination of light brown sugar which is very fine grain and Lavender Essential Oil we have created a relaxing and healing scrub. The foaming action is from the use of African Black Soap which also contains Shea Butter and gives the scrub a brown speckled effect. This scrub must be kept out of the sun and keep water out of the mix or the African Black Soap will begin to dissolve.
If you suffer from excema or other skin conditions, we have created a scrub with Emu Oil that works wonders for itching, cracked skin, and rashes. Since Emu Oil has a short shelf life without refrigeration, we only purchase the Emu Oil upon an order so there is a time delay in shipping. For additional benefits of Shea Butter we have created
Shea Lavendyr Body Butter
. or  Nicole's Mystic Rose.

Available Sizes

Shea Lavendyr Cloud Body Butter
Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Butter, Lavendar Essential Oil provide a nice compliment to the Black Lavendar Cloud Sugar Scrub. This double-whipped body butter can be used generously on legs after shaving without causing the irritation other lotions may cause. A very feminine scent.
Available sizes

Peppyr/Peppyr Wake Up Body/Face Sugar Scrub
Have a hard time getting going in the morning? This Peppermint/Black Pepper Scrub will give you the energy to get going or keep going after a long day at the office. White sugar, Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Black Pepper Essential Oil will give you that lift for your mood, help eliminate fatigue and you won’t find a gentler exhilarating scent. As a foot scrub this combination used immediately before bed will give some relief for tired tootsies and the peppermint scent rising up under the covers can help with congestion. Want to retain that "Pick me Up" feeling all day? Add the Gentle Mynt Body Butter to your order.

Available sizes

Gentle Mynt Body Butter
Pure Shea Butter with Peppermint Essential oil and you have a clean and gently scented body butter wonderful for those days that you just want to express your youth and enjoyment of life.


Available sizes

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