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Bath Salts and Body Oils


All the bath salts are made with Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt, Kukui Nut Oil, Monoi Oil (unscented), Baking Soda, Cornstarch, Otiphen
(preservative) and may contain Essentiail oils, Fragrant Oils, and cosmetically approved colors.

Our Bath Salts are gentle, soothing, wonderfully scented, and contain addtional minerals to smooth and nuroius the skin.  The only problem is having a bath
tub deep enough to soak every part of your body all at once. 

Since the Bath Salt does contain oils you must be careful getting in and out of
the tub, although the oils do disperse in the water they can leave a slight slickness inthe tub if overused (which we do encourage!).


All of the Body Oils are made with Hemp Seed Oil, Monoi Oil (unscented), Fractionanted Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, GSE, and may contain Essential Oils, Fragrant Oils.

Our Body Oils will absorb into your skin so quickly that you will wonder 5 minutes after application if you really did but any on.  But you will know you did.  Just a glance at your arm or leg will tell you that the oils are working to smooth and moisturize, helping to fight free radicals, reduce the look of those little very fine lines that only you can see. 

I call it alligator skin.  I have it from years in the sun and poor moisturizing regimine when younger.  On me, as soon as I apply the oil the skin begins to look smoother, softer, plumper, younger even. 

Nothing can take away compeltely the ravages of time.  Not natural products, not chemical products but we can all do what we can to improve the look and feel of our skin as we age.  That means you 20 somethings start now!

Kentish Rain Bath Salt
This is a soothing yet crisp scent reminescent of the English coast line.  You will be transproted to a green and lush ocean cove with waving gentling lapping the beach and the breeze bringing the scents of grasses and ozone and salt.

Available sizes

Gardenia Bath Salt
A truly wonderful floral scent straight from the tropics.  If you love flowers this one will blow you away.  Sweet, fragrant, gentle, not overpowering at all.  There is a hint of greens and citrus to round out the florals.

Available sizes

Grapefruit Spyce Body Oil
Invigorating grapefruit with a hint of cinnamon and clove.  Entice your senses with a scent that will wake you up and warm you all over.  A wonderful start to any day.

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Koala Mynt Bath Salt
Feeling a little down, blusey with the winter, snuffely?  Take a long sok in Koala Mynt and you will feel much better.  With the combination of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Chamomille this bath will soak away all your cares aand woes.  It is wonderfully green and not too much peppermint.

Available sizes

Vanilla Flower Bath Salt or Body Oil
The scent of a flower garden in high summer overlays the peaceful and gentle scent of Vanilla.  This one will take you to your dream country estate with the perfect flower garden and sugar cookies right out of the oven. 

BODY OIL Available Sizes

Eastern Sunset Bath Salt or Body Oil
Sandalwood, spices, and orange make up this warming Bath Salt.  A touch of Ylang Ylang for sweetness and you can imagine yourself sitting in a caravan tent, draped in silks and satins, watching the warm hues of sunset over the desert.

BODY OIL Available Sizes

Forest Lyght Bath Salt or Body Oil
Do you love the outdoors?  Walking through a forest with pines, and flowers, breezes and moss?  Take a bath in forest Light and close your eyes and feel the forest around you, simple, green, untouched by the hand of man.

BODY OIL Available Sizes

Dragon's Garden Bath Salt
Spices, deep dark woods, overblown flowers, exotic, sensual, exciting, and never to be forgotten.


Tangerine Myst Bath Salt
Sweet and ripe Tangerines and the lovely orange coloring of this salt will excite your mood at any time.  I use itin the moirnings to wake up and refresh and start my work day in a positive frame of mind.


Nichole's Mystic Rose Body Oil
Rose Otto Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil is a wonderful combination. I named this scent for my daughter. It is spicy, young and womanly and will have anyone wondering just what is the scent you have on. Very attractive, unmistakable, and intriguing.

Available Sizes

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